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2018 Denver GoTopless Parade

  • Skyline Park on the 16th Street Mall 1500 Arapahoe St Denver, CO, 80202 United States (map)
2016 Parade Start - Awesome Shot - censored.jpg

Join us again for Denver's annual
GoTopless Day Parade!

Enjoy coed public toplessness in a peaceful, supportive, and festive environment:

** To (again!) show that men and women can embrace topless equality while promoting respect and healthy boundaries **

* Improving society by advocating equality between the sexes *

Denver is one of the growing number of cities across America where topless equality is legal. On August 26, Denver will host one of many US parades that advocate and normalize the benefits of co-ed toplessness.
August 26 falls on Women's Equality Day, which commemorates the 1920 Constitutional Amendment granting women the right to vote. While we've made progress in the 100 years since its passage, archaic laws still exist to reinforce traditions that deny women true equality.
Topless equality is a crucial pivot point for social change, combating body image issues, objectification, toxic masculinity and rape culture. It prompts self-reflection and dialog about what values are instilled by #SexSells in media, and promotes empowerment and freedom, respect for boundaries, appreciation and joy.


(An on-stage sign-language interpreter will be present)


Thanks to sponsor LoveSong Enterprises, the efforts of the non-profit reNude, and your donations, we'll have a stage and sound system with LIVE entertainment:


Denver GoTopless Day LINE-UP:

Melissa Ivey

Melissa Ivey, singer-songwriter and visionary of Ivey Productions LLC. has produced music events, fronted rock bands, guided artistic interactive workshops on self-empowerment, and traveled the world spreading joy through music. She is a true renaissance woman of the arts. 

“Ivey is undoubtedly a talent, with a POWERFUL, SOULFUL VOICE that belies her physical stature. “ -Colorado Springs Independent


Shanna In A Dress

Shanna In A Dress.jpg

Shanna In A Dress, singer-songwriter  - 

A smashing combination of humor, truth, and poignancy all wrapped up in a sweet voice, this witty wordsmith calls what she does "snarky folk pop from a clever millennial who sucks at dating."  

Mix Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, and Phoebe Buffay and you'll kind of get Shanna. She writes smart but accessible lyrics and is charmingly relatable as she sings things we're all thinking but haven't had the guts to say.


Akiala I

Akiala I, author & poet, is a futurist & multimedia artist who primarily focuses on the mediums of fashion, media and writing. She started the clothing and media company, Absoulute Vibe and Conscious Creatives, an artist collective. In 2017 she published two books, "100 Things" and "The Mind Which Exists" and is working to publish several more.


Sabrina Stone

Sabrina Stone.jpg

Sabrina Stone, dance performer, has been a trained dancer her entire life and a sensual dancer for the last year. She believes in the power of body liberation for it’s mental health and political benefits. She’s a sex worker, a witch, and a rebel and she’s out to change the world!


Gloria Gray

Gloria Gray, comedian, has deep roots here in Colorado and attended the University of Colorado at Denver under the Displaced Aurarian Scholarship.  In pursuit of a degree in Theatre Film and Video Production she earned several prestigious nominations and awards for her many performances upon the Eugenia Rawls Theatre stage at the Auraria Campus. She has been seen most recently on every comedy stage here in the Denver Metro Area.


Mber Rose Love


Mber Rose Love, singer-songwriter, is the founder and director of reNude, co-organizer of 2018 Denver GoTopless, and co-owner of Love Song Enterprises, our 2018 sponsor.  Mber traveled and fronted the U.S Air Force big band across Asia, and even had a commercial air of her original song on Japanese T.V. on her route to “becoming famous.” Having a stroke at age 29, Mber suffered brain damage and her singing career was ended….but now she is back!

The Awakening, the instrumental quintet which accompanies Mber Rose Love, is headed by Clint Dadian, musical director & guitar player, and consists of of reNude Vice President jochanaan, woodwinds: Ron Jolly, piano; Roger Johns, bass; and Ed Breazeale, drums.

@ Denver's 16th Street Mall

(Intersects 16th Street Mall at Arapahoe St.) 

Time: 11am-5pm, with a march to the Capital included

♥ Reminder:  Toplessness is optional ♥

Bikini tops, black tape, stickers, bodypaint, etc are all welcome.  We just want you there, having fun.

♥ Come early if your heart's set on getting bodypainted! ♥ 

At 2:00pm, we'll start our march down 16th Street Mall towards the Capital Building at Civic Center Park. We'll gather for a group photo with the Capital Building in the background, and then return for more entertainment and socializing :-D

Parade rules:

No sexual acts (follow the law)
No marijuana smoke (follow the law)
No glass containers
Don't walk in the path of the Mall Shuttle
Obey crosswalk signs
Keep calm in the face of criticism
Point out potential conflicts to Denver PD and DGT Security personnel

What to bring:

A Great Attitude!

Sunday's forecast is partly cloudy with a high of 91°F

Summers in Denver can get pretty warm, and it'll be a full day standing and marching in the sun.  We don't want anyone dropping from heat exhaustion.  We're hoping many Good Samaritans can bring a case of bottled water or bag of ice to donate to the event.  We'll have a shade station with water-bottle barrels on hand, so that we can hydrate those in need, but we'll need your help if we hope to remain stocked.  Your donation will make you our hero.  ♥

Denver GoTopless Day Parade cover photo.jpg

In 2013 & 2014, two handfuls of bold activists
planted seeds

Since then, it's grown to
over 1,000 participants

Join one of Denver's most popular events as we take a stand
against objectification and double standards.

Be empowered! Spread the word!

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